Last year in July, church musicians and directors came with a desire to become rededicated and refreshed in our music ministries. We didn’t seek to reinvent our ministries, but rather, to get encouragement, instruction, and share fresh ideas on what truly is working.

On Friday, we were brought back to why we serve in our church music, what the goals are, and how we can continue to pass this purpose on to others. We also had a time of asking questions, sharing ideas, and a workshop of congregational songleading.

On Saturday, we were greatly blessed to see our workshop and choir rehearsal move to a higher level spiritually when we performed what we called our “concert to God.” As we were led by an accomplished choir director, our hearts soared heavenward! Truly, the mundane can turn to the marvelous as we sing to God and see him inhabit the praises of his people!

The Church Music Tuneup had a spirit of unity and camaraderie as our hearts collectively sought to see God use us more in our churches.

“O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together.” -Psalm 34:3

Assistant Pastor, Cornerstone Baptist Church, Findlay, OH