1. Purpose

To Glorify God by transparently amplifying the message of the pulpit and platform.

 2. Philosophy

Based on the Biblical model that the Lord Jesus is the Shepherd and the Pastor is the under-shepherd and thereby has the authority to call the shots in the church. Including what does and does not happen with the sound booth. At the end of the day if the Pastor is not pleased with your work then you need to re-assess what you have done! The thinking of the sound personnel should be that of team-minded ministry, not solo-minded showbiz. It’s not your little kingdom. Our ministry is as important as the people behind the microphones. You are a link in a much bigger chain. If you fail then the load is dropped, the burden is lost, the precious cargo of souls may be lost!!

Know your Pastor

      • Meet with him regularly.
      • Ask for his critique.
      • Pray with him before service.

Know your equipment

      • Read the Equipment Manuals.
      • Understand the signal chain perfectly.
      • Prepare by utilizing Pre/Post service checklists.
      • Periodically do preventative maintenance by simply cleaning all
      • equipment.

Know your boundaries

      • Are you good with people?
      • Are you right with God?
      • Get out of the sound room when you can.
      • Train others so you can be relieved.

3. Personnel

  •  Only pastoral-approved personnel should be allowed to serve.
  •  Don’t forget about the teens in your church. (These should always serve with an adult) These are tomorrow’s sound-men.
  •  Have periodic training seminars where you enlist new recruits.
  •  Don’t overwork yourself or your sound staff. EVERYBODY NEEDS CHURCH.
  •  Enforce ground rules gently and without favoritism, or hypocrisy.

4. Possibilities

  •  Natural Room Acoustics – 10 – 50 people.
  •  Sound System – 50 – 50,000 people
  •  Radio – Millions
  •  Internet – Millions
  •  Get excited and stay excited about the possibilities of what God could do through your media ministry.

5. Pipeline 

 The Signal Chain

    •  Audio (Music & Speech)
    •  Transducers (Microphones)
    •  Mixers
    •  Processors
    •  Recorders
    •  Amplifiers
    •  Transducers (Speakers)
    •  People


Gene Sharp

Independent Baptist Media